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The Other Story of Eli, very contoversial

This is the story of the Eli dog as it was told to me by Don Mayfield.

Let me begin at the beginning when I first started in the game. One of my first friends in the game was Floyd Boudreaux. Floyd and I got together right away, he had not won any matches and I showed up to my first match with gameness and conditioning and Floyd and I became close friends in the '60s and traveled the road together and spoke on the phone very often.

When I had the bitch Cry Baby in 1965, my wife and I got separated for a while and I took Cry full of pups over to Floyd's so he would care for her until she whelpped in 2 weeks. I got the Cry bitch from George Gillman and Curly Hayes. They had bought her from Evelyn Start after she had won a match with her and they went on to win one or two more with Cry after that before I dealed for her.

I called Floyd after the date she was due to whelp and he told me that all of her pups were born dead. But when I went to get Cry back after 7 or 8 weeks it was obvious that she had whelped her pups and had been nursing them till about a week or two before I went to pick her up at Floyd's. I looked real good but I never said anything about it to Floyd.

About 2 years later, Floyd showed up at pitside with the Eli dog. When Eli's match started, Curly Hayes came up to me and said, "Don, you told me that all of Crys pups had died", and I said "Curley, thats what Floyd told me but I got eyes and I can see". It was the fact that Eli looked more like a twin to his dam than he did her son that gave him away. Later, Leo Kinard came up to me and said "Don, where did Floyd get the BLACK dog? did Cry have her pups on Floyd's yard?"

A while after that some in the game like Leo Kinard and Junior Bush told some others that Floyd had told them that Eli was was out of Cry, and some years later Sonny Sykes told me that he had seen Cry at Floyd's with her pups nursing off her and Floyd had let him take his pic of the litter. There were 6 in that litter and 2 of them were matched that I know of and one of them was called Ellis' Pistol. Sonny told me that after Eli had won his first match Floyd came up to him and said that Eli was the pup he had picked out of the litter but had never come to get.

After that incident Floyd and I had our falling out and ended our friendship.

The hardest and gamest dogs I seen produced by Eli were when he was bred to bitches off the Corvino family by John Cotton and Junior Bush. All of them were game winners and I always believed that the dog Zebo was one of them when Eli was stolen from John Cotten's yard and taken to Indian Sonnys yard in California where he was bred.

According to this version of the breeding of Eli, his true ped would be:

....................Langham's Cotton
.........Little Cotton
....................Dolan's Lady
....................Tudor's Dibo
.........Cry Baby
....................Tudor's Dinah