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Ratliff's Daisy Mae ROM

Mr.Mark bred an old Loposay bitch named Red Lady to a double bred Ch.Jocko male named Chris Groucho. Out of this breeding came a gyp named Mark's Newland who was bred to a producing double bred Bass Tramp Red Boy named Miller's Red man. Out of this breeding came a bitch named Collin's Red Alert. Red Alert was bred to the above S.T.P.'s Ch.Toro to get Onello's Sherman the Tank and Onello's Twisted Sister. These two dogs were then bred together to get Goodson's Little Man, Onello's Spook, and Ratliff's Daisy Mae(ROM) 

Ratliff's Daisy Mae was bred to Gr.Ch.Buck(ROM) to get Ratliff's Ch.Butkus(4XW)(1XLGame), and Undertaker Kennel's Miss Leaky(ROM). This was a phenomenal cross.. Ch.Butkus was used off the chain as a substitute dog in his loss. . He was bred to Miss Leaky(ROM) to Get Super Kennel's Ch.357. Daisy Mae was also bred to a Scatterbred Jeep/Patrick/Zebo dog named Bobby Jack to get Ch.Thunder and Ch.Terry.