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More on Bullyson

More on Bullyson
Over the years I have done my best to stear clear of most controversy, especially when it was none of my business one way or the other. Probably the most written about dog of the century was Bullyson. The speculation seems to just go on and on with people who weren't even born then offering up their opinions. I thought I had heard all the stories and theories about this dog and the family of dogs bred around him and his offspring, but only recently have I heard some new twists that to me are nothing short of laughable. While I refuse to debate on the subject, I will offer up some thoughts of my own about Bully that should stimulate further consideration among the fraternity and may very well stir up a hornet's nest. I think all will agree Bullyson is a very important part of Bulldog history.

When Bully was making a name for himself, I purposely paid close attention to those dogs associated with that family even though I had no interest in them at that time. I figured they were just a flash in the pan as you often see in the Bulldog world. I had a friend back then named Jeff that really liked the Bullyson stuff. He had done his homework and paid attention to detail. H would consider an individual's pedigrees and how the dogs were put together as well as their litter mates, their offspring and their ability to reproduce desirable traits.

To stray from the subject for a bit, I feel one of my more valuable assets has always been that of paying attention. It was what allowed me to survive the streets of Ft. Worth as a young man and come home from a tour in Vietnam physically and mentally in tact. Thank the good Lord. It has allowed me to do some things in my life I would have never been able to do had I not paid attention. It seems in the dogs there are those among us who strive for melodramatic. No matter what dog you like or brag on, he knows personally of a skeleton in that dog's closet or that of his owner. He will generally let you know with that raised eyebrow look and an air of confidentiality. You know he is going to share the real poop with you whether you want to hear it or not. Most generally he will pass it off as the gospel truth when it may in fact just be idle gossip, or an outright lie. I am certainly not pointing the finger at anyone, but you must sort through a lot of misinformation to get to the real stuff. So it does pay to pay attention.

Back to Bullyson. In my efforts to learn something from Jeff, I picked up some knowledge along the way for myself. Jeff's favorite dogs of this type were Stomper, Bully Son Jr. And the Peaches pregnant dog. I watched him do very well with these dogs and could say for the short period of time that he was in the dogs he was as good of a breeder as there ever was. Jeff also liked the thingys and was a favorite among the old timers like Maurice Carver, Floyd Boudreaux and Mr. Jessup of Arlington, Texas. I am sure all these men lent their knowledge to Jeff.

Now you ask me was Bully a cur? I personally saw him quit and he may very well have been, but he may not have been either. Did he have an off day? Was he stale? Did he lose to a Rub? I do not know, but to those who say all he ever produced was cur dogs. I know better. I have seen dead game dogs come from Bully and that family. I had one of his and Houston's Ajax that was as game as one can be and not bury him.

Did Bully produce curs? Absolutely, but probably no more than any other dog. If you believe there are dogs or families of dogs producing one hundred percent game dogs then you haven't paid attention.

I had seen Bully go before his loss and was impressed with him as a devastating bulldog, but felt a good, smart, defensive dog could beat him. Dogs like Bully expend so much energy in a short period of time that a dog who weathers the storm has a very good chance of winning. The day Bully lost he was never in the fight and I doubt seriously if he could have beat his son Benny Bob on his best day. All this, of course, is speculation.

Was Bullyson really bred like the papers say he was? The man who bred Bully and Eli Jr., Mr. Clemmons, is a gentleman from the old school, and has absolutely no reason to misinform anyone. In all the years I have known him, I never knew him to be a liar or to misrepresent anything.

There is truth among the dogs that most will agree with me on and that is that it is rare for a great dog to produce his equal muchless a dog that is better than himself.

Bully did in fact produce many dogs that I feel were superior to him. Holt's Jerimiah was such a dog, a great individual and a great producer. I'll never forget the day the Plumber's lost to him with their Combine dog. The little Plumber commented on Stomper, another great son of Bully. He said, "That's the meanest S.O.B. that ever come down the pike", "Will bite you on the tip of the nose, tip of the tail and everywhere in between and hurt you everywhere he bites." Besides Stomper, Jerimiah and Benny Bob there was Bullyson Jr. and too many to mention, many of which I never personally knew or ever heard of.

There is more to this success story than meets the eye, but one factor has to be that Bullyson was bred to some of the best pregnant doges of his day. Credit has to also be given to Bully as a producer because his life as a stud dog was a short one. Another factor has to be that his sons and daughters went to some of the best dogmen of that day.

Regardless of your feelings about the Bully Son dogs, you gotta know they have made a tremendous impact on the Bulldog world and will probably continue to as long as there are dogs or dogmen.

All this happened before there were laws about dog fighting and the dogs like Bully, Jimmy Boots, Art, Eli Jr. and Blondie were changing the way people thought about dogs. It seems to be an evolutionary process that goes on in all aspects of life that will continue until the end of time. So pay attention and you will be better for it!

Bull Plug (Gary H.)
Fall '98'
Bulldog Revelation 1998