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Lonzo dogs

This article is publishing 1st time in internet, thanks to my dear friend from TEK.

A deal of great controversy.  People have strong feelings about these dogs.  Some hate them, some people swear by them, but most have never even owned one.  From the greats of the past like Lonzos Mike, Greenwood's Oakie, Lonzo's Ch. Bug, Adam's Gr Ch Zebo, and Brewers Vindicator have produced a family of dogs that include Panther, Ch Homer, T Bud, Nigger Toby, and Ratliff.  These lines of dogs are still out there and doing good today after over forty years.  I believe there are several reasons these dogs get a bad rap.  One is because people dont look at them as a whole.  What I mean by this is there are many great lines of dogs that are bred down from Lonzo dogs.  Its no different than the Jeep-Tab lines.  Tab bred dogs are a direct out cross and usually no more than two or three times Jeep.  Yet these dogs are specifically known as Jeep dogs and Jeep usually gets the credit.  The second reason is everyone expected Zebo to reproduce himself and his incredible talent.  People think that if a dog doesnt produce the same ability or in this case œgreat mouth that he possesses that he is not a good producer.  For this reason some people say Zebo wasn't a good producer.  I do not believe this at all.  As a matter of fact I believe he was a very good producer.  I have spent a good amount of time researching producing percentages.  And have found some very interesting things.  I have only been able to find around sixty offspring that were sired by Zebo.  Out of these sixty he produced five champions and numerous one and two time winners.  That means one in twelve dogs made champion.  Now that might not sound great to you but compare it to the greatest producer of all time...Jeep.  Jeep sired nineteen champions.  But with an offspring count of four hundred.  That gives Jeep a rate of one in every twenty one offspring that made champion.  Had Zebo been bred that much at the same percentage at which he were producing he would have thirty three champions under his belt.  This is a very simple way of determining how good of a producer a dog is.  Now before anyone gets mad let me state that there is no way I can ever find out the exact number these dogs produced due to some dogs never being registered or some dogs being sold that were never used for performance purposes.  I will also state I believe the Jeep family of dogs is very strong and do not mean to pick on them but they are considered by many the best line so I used them for an example.  
The first time I spoke to Lonzo Pratt I was looking for something different than what I had.  Now at this time I was a rookie in the dogs and had a disease that many rookies have... the switcheroos.  This is where you get one dog bred a certain way and then within a weeks time you have judged the whole line of dogs based on the one you have.  Then the person decides to switch to another line.  At the time I had a couple scatterbred dogs and a dog or two bred tight on a certain line.  So I made the call and told him what I wanted.  He asked me what dogs I had and when I told him he replied Hell son you ain't ever even had a real bulldog. This was the first of many quotes I would hear over the years that I still look back on shake my head and laugh.  I will always think highly of him and firmly believe that he has produced one of the finest family of dogs that there is.  While he was active in the dogs he beat the best there was at that time with dogs that he bred.  Some of these were Maurice Carver, Leo Kinard, Don Mayfield, and Bob Finley.  I am listing only these because these specific events have been accounted for, were reported, and were all before 1976.  These dogs aren't for everyone they have there positives and negatives like any line.  An example of this is that Lonzo dogs are reported to have a real lack of wind.  This is definitely a negative.  The positive is that they have great mouth and a drive that I have found in no other line.  I have a saying about this. Blame the build, not the breed. These dogs produce both short fat dogs as well as tall lean properly built bulldogs.  If a performance dog is what you have in mind don't get that short fat pup.  So before you jump on the Lonzo haters bandwagon give a few a try.  You might change your mind.  Good luck to you all.