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Kamakazee Kennels' Hunter Red ROM

Kamakazee Kennels' Hunter Red ROM

Hunter Red was originally owned by James C., I spoke to him about Hunter Red about a year back, and he said that he sold Hunter Red to Thomas S. because he was a poor quality match dog. 

Thomas subsequently owned the dog for quite a while and the stud fee was fairly low, around .US if my memory is correct. He was bred a lot, some say over 200 times. He has produced well thought with many 1 and 2 time winners to his credit plus a couple of champions. Thomas later sold him to the Tennessean along with some excellent dogs that Thomas had Championed and Grand Championed from Robert H.'s stock. Robert H. got rid of most of his yard when he went over to Iraq during the Gulf War. Who knew such an exceptional litter would have been produced out of Robert's old ROM Booger bitch. Anyways this is a little off topic, but somewhat related. The Tennessean consequently raised the stud fee price for Hunter Red to .US. This is good and bad, first the good. Higher stud fee will get rid of a lot of people who are just looking to peddle paper and will bring in the more serious dogman with good proven bitches. The bad is that some will think that a high stud fee means a great producer. I personally think Hunter Red is a very good producer, who will show better offspring now, because he is being bred to better bitches. 

Hunter Red also had two excellent brothers. One is the ROM Deacon dog and the dead game Ch. Radar Man. Deacon unlike Hunter Red was a match quality dog, and has produced exceptionally well considering the number of breedings that were made with him. Some say ROM is not an indication of producing ability, that it could be just a lucky litter. That's true, but Deacon has also produced the multi winning Don King dog, and a number of 1 and 2 time winners. Deacon is also only the second Red Boy male to reach ROM status. the first was Yellow John. Hunter Reds main breeding areas were the southern states, while Deacon was bred in the more northern states. It is true that some would say the Red Boy dogs are soft mouth dogs, but there is no doubt about their gameness. Mouth can always be added. Gameness should still be the primary concern. A lot more could be said about these dogs, so I hope someone will jump in and continue this.