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Interview with Vietnam Knls

TTL: When did you get into the dogs?
Well I got into the dogs in 85 and went under the name of In your face kennels. When I moved to KY in the early nineties I met Big E at a show and the rest is history. Big E has been in the dogs since 1968 and is the founder of Vietnam kennels he is like a father to us all. Lil Beedie has been around for a while but just became an active member in 1995. Now half ass Mike is the youngest & newest member with only a year in the Game but has two wins under his belt.

TTL: Have you had a big influence on each other in the way you condition and what dogs you like etc?
Big E can bring one in shape like no one I've seen. But since 1994 I've done all the conditioning for the Kennel. As far as dogs I like a good head dog that can stay out of trouble. To me a good head dog is hard to beat. As far as blood I like Redboy dogs because of there natural wind, Gameness and most are head dogs ,and you can work them harder then most. I also like Bolio and the Boomerang dogs.

TTL: You have a war Keep for sale. Are many people showing an interest in this?
The war Keep is going well here in the states. It's mainly for the new comers but most dont want to learn how to work a dog right. They look for an easy fix or short cuts. They will learn the hard way. Like most of us did while coming up.

TTL: I've noticed you have dogs from a few different lines and some tight Redboy studs. Have you found Redboy stuff outcrosses well?

I'll tell you the Redboy stuff crosses well with anything. If you have good Redboy stock that is. There are only a few I would purchase Redboy stock from. It crosses well with CH Magnum and Rascal blood we have. Wet Started crossing it with GR CH Banjo & Boyles lines & we are getting great results.

TTL: What would be your best producing dog you have now?
Vietnams Rolldog would be the best stud we have owned. He has produced dogs like; Redmans Ginger 2x winner. Redmans candy 1x winner, Ruff riders CH Juice, Ruff Riders Bus Boy, Nams Rain Dead Game. Just to name a few.

TTL: Tell me a little more about Rolldog. He is a tight Boomerang dog. Is this correct?
Nams Rolldog came from Chicago &nwon a lot of $$$ from people with some OTC's. He is an old dog at Eleven years old & we have a replacement for him from one of his sons. Yes his topside is inbred Boomerang by way of Sapp's Lobo.

TTL: Is it true you messed with a little Sorrells blood in the early eighties? Do any of your present day Bulldogs carry this blood?
We got the Old Boiler bitchin the early eighties after hearing how bad she was from known west coast dogmen who seen her wint two matches. Old Boiler is from Sorrells Hard Eyes out of Bandit. We bred her to Nams Mack-Cujo who won three & was from Indian Eddie's Toby out of Carvers personality. That breeding produced Nams Baby Boiler who is one of our main brood bitches to date. She is the Grand Mother to the recent winning Ruff Riders Carpenter.

TTL: Do you look for the same qualities in your brood as you do your Match dogs?
Oh hell yeah!! Tehy dont call it the Nam for nothing. I want Gameness & a Bitch with a good build and that's not spooky.

TTL: Can you elaborate a little on CH Spike?
CH Spike was bred by T-Walker in Florida. We got him asa pup, he won OTC at 18 months & a year later we found out he had heart worms. He recovered well and went on to win 4 more all in different States. He ws an Ace and the best dog I've seen.....

TTL: CH Spike beat CH Stallone. Before this CH Stallone defeated CH Magnum who won three best in shows. What sequence of events resulted in you purchasing Stallone after Spike defeated him. Did Stallone stand the line against Spike?
Yes he did not Scratch back in time. I don't want to get into all the events but lets just say Stallone wasnt 100%. No one else has a Champion that has beaten 3 champions & lost to a fourth. So you can't forget what he has done. Sp we took a chance got him healthy and he is producing some fine looking pups. That should speak for itself. We owned the dog that it took to beat him at that time, we also owned stallones Dam, Domino who is now owned by Pat Patrick.

TTL:What would be your favourite dog you have owned?
That is hard to say. But if I had to it would be CH Spike. He was a great dog in the house, with kids and was a joy to work.

TTL: What advice would you give to a new comer wanting to make a Splash?
Get all the books you can about Game dogs, read and listen to dogmen who know. Don't think you can reach the top right away, this is the nineties but you still have to earn it and work hard. With the net in full swing the would be dogman can acces all kinds of inormation that just wasn't there when I got started.

TTL: Is the Game a lot different now, then when you first Started? How have fanciers changed?
Very much so. There is no sportsmanship now and a lot of bad mouthing. You don't have to act like a bad ass to be a good dogman just show good dogs. The dogs are better now. Conditioning isn't a lot better but the conditioning products are better.