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Article written by "The Historian"

Information is only as good as the person that is furnishing it. I will state what I believe the true breedings of the dogs that you mentioned and the reason I believe it to be this way. First, there is little doubt that the dog known as R.E. Bass's Tramp Red Boy was nothing other than a pure Hemphill dog. Bob Hemphill lived down the road from Howard Teal, and had dogs that looked exactly like Red Boy. The guy who got Red Boy from Bob Hemphill was not a dogman, but he knew Teal, and later dropped the dog off at Teal's resturant, Teal later sold the dog to Bass, who did not care the way the dog was bred, Bass was only interested in a match dog. Well, after the dog became well known for his famous victory over Cable's Fang, a good pedegree was needed to go with his stud fee. This is well known in the Carolinas. I was personally told this story by R. E. Bass himself, as I had bought dogs from him right off of Red Boy. I also, visited him in Dillion S.C., on numerous occassions, he did not have to tell me this. If you put all of this together, and then look at the Red Boy himself, it all comes together. The original Hemphill strain were game long winded dogs that traced back to the old imports through various proven strains. It takes to long to break this down, so you will have to do your own research on this subject.

Howard Teal himself said that Red Boy was not of his breeding, besides, the Sarge & Jeff dogs were curs. Boomerang cured out Teal's Jeff, and Sarge also stood the line twice. The clean bred Red Boy dogs were so game, that a lot of times they won on gameness alone. You can always tell when a breeder is having trouble with his line of dogs hanging around, why, because the first thing he does, is start crossing Red Boy dogs into his line to help preserve years of his own breeding. Patrick, did this, Indian Sonny, has done this, James Crenshaw etc. Red Boy was said to be a good matched dog as well, he beat Cable's Fang easily, and was reputed to even win a match over a female pitdog. Hyde's Satchamo Bully, was a sired by Hunter's Sam out of Hunter's Tana", why do I say this, well because Ray Hunter said he bred the dog, and he said this why Carver was still alive. Also, look at the dog, and look at the dogs he threw. I believe that Honeybunch, was sired by Carver's "Ironhead" out of Carver's"Amber". Amber was a half sister to Orday's Pat". Honeybunch was a littermate to Joe Pulido's"Ch. Iron Billy". J.

Crenshaw told me that Carver pretty much gave them Honeybunch, after Bullyson quit. An old timer told me that the original pedegree on Honeybunch had her being sired by Ironhead. This was brought to my intentioned over 15 years ago, before Honeybunch's legacy was established. Honeybunch also had that widow's peak, that is found in the Ironhead dogs. To say that Honeybunch was off of Bolio is a joke, Carver would not have bred to Bolio with dogs like Pistol, Zeke, Reno, Snow etc. on his yard, Bolio was a product of these dogs, and good breeders don't breed to the product, they breed to the source. I have not seen or heard of a concrete pedegree on Stompanato, some Historians believe he is a Zeke, Crenshaw, Eli cross. Others flat out say they don't really know, but all agree that it is not the way Carver shows him. In some cases we can only speculate and take educated guesss on the true breeding of some of Maurice's dogs. However, on the other hand, Maurice Carver surrounded himself with a lot of people, and not all of them were crooked. It is these people who can testify to what they saw and heard. These are the people that we have to rely on to set things straight, and the more creditable the person, the more closer we will come in discovering the real truth behind our dogs.

The Historian